Use a computer

The library has two public desktop computers connected to the internet and ten Chromebooks.

Computers and Chromebooks must be checked out at the desk.  Users must present a library card in good standing to the library staff prior to signing in for a computer. 

Patrons wishing to check out a chromebook must first have a signed a laptop usage agreement on file. 

Visitors without a library card must provide their state issued photo id to use a chromebook.

Computers and Chromebooks can be reserved no more than one day in advance.

Upon checking out a computer or chromebook users will be provided a two (2) hour session.  At the end of their session, they may request an extension to the session, provided there is no one waiting for a computer.  If during subsequent sessions a new user requests a computer, users in a second session will be asked to terminate their session to free up the computer for the new user. 

Users may request an unlimited session if they are job searching, taking a test or other non-pleasure activity that may take longer than 2 hours.

No more than 2 users will be permitted at a workstation at one time.

There are no filters on the computers using Internet access

As with other library materials, monitoring of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.  Adult supervision must be provided for children under the age of 7.

Users are not permitted to install, delete or modify library hardware or software. Users are prohibited from downloading or saving files on the hard drive.  Misuse of the computer or Internet may result in the loss of Internet privileges.

The library also has free wireless internet access.