Library Card



Based on Monticello Public Library’s funding through local property taxes and a contract between the Library and Jones County Supervisors for library services, the following are eligible for free library cards at the Ross & Elizabeth Baty Monticello Public Library with photo identification and verification of residence:

·         All adults and children age 5 and over who reside within the city limits of Monticello are considered “Monticello Residents”  

·         All adults and children age 5 and over who reside in any unincorporated area of Jones County are considered “Jones County Residents”  

·         Teachers (in the Monticello School District) and daycare providers (with a Monticello address) may obtain an “Outreach card” separate from their personal card.  This card will provide them with a 30-day checkout period

·         Residents of any other incorporated area in the State of Iowa that participates in the Open Access program administered through the State Library are considered "Open Access" patrons.


All new patrons are considered probationary for 2 months from registration date.  During the probationary period, patrons are limited to a total of 8 items checked out at a time, with a limit of 4 DVDs(one of which can be a binge box), 2 Books on CD, 2 games, 1 LitKit. 

Probationary members cannot check out Library of Things items.  

Members will continue on probationary status until proof of address is provided.


Children in grade 6 and under must complete a library card registration form signed by a parent or guardian and the child before checking out any library materials.  When the custody of a child is shared by parents with separate addresses and the child is under 14 years of age, two cards may be issued, one for each address.


Temporary Library Cards

Temporary cards will be issued to persons residing in Monticello for a period of 1 month to 1 year who are not residents of Iowa.  Temporary cardholders will be limited to 5 items checked out at a time.  Applicants must provide photo ID, proof of permanent address and proof of local temporary address.  Temporary cards will expire at the end of residence.


Library cards expire after three years.  Renewal may be done in-person or over the phone or by email. Photo identification and proof of current address are required if any information has changed.  All information provided on the registration form is protected by rules and laws pertaining to confidentiality of records and privacy.


Approved by the Library Board May 8, 2007

Reviewed February 8, 2011                Revised November 12, 2013

Revised February 11, 2014                Revised May 12, 2015

Revised September 14, 2016            Reviewed August 13, 2019

Revised October 8, 2019                Revised August 10, 2021